How It Works

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Sometimes, seeking professional help is the quickest and easiest way to sort things out. 


As a Hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience, and with children and grand children of my own, I understand how important a child's well-being and mental health is.  


These bedtime stories are fun and comforting, and help your child with many of life’s challenges.

Children look forward to bedtime, whilst listening to an enjoyable story, they don't realise that they are receiving powerful therapy.



Children are good at hypnosis, they enter hypnosis every day whilst playing.

 Hypnosis is totally natural, it's an altered state of awareness, your child's subconscious mind absorbs suggestions and subliminal messages easily.  


Each story has the same beginning that gently guides your child into a relaxed state.


 This allows their subconscious mind open up to positive suggestions.  After the induction, the story unfolds along with fun sound effects.

Just play the relevant story to your child every night, for two weeks, and see the difference.


Patricia Jackson