Is your child is experiencing bullying? This story encourages them to talk about it, and gives them the tools, and the confidence they need to change their reaction to the behaviour. It helps them to understand why bullies behave in the way that they do, therefore hopefully stopping the problem.

Beat Bullying

  • Happy & safe

    I am special, I like myself

    I am safe

    I have a happy comfortable feeling inside

    I am loved and happy

    My subconscious mind looks after me

    What I believe I can achieve

    Listen, listen, listen

    Calm confident relaxed                                                     

    I love listening to this

    I can do anything

    I am OK

    My confidence grows bigger every day

    Bullies are not happy

    I am happy

    I feel good

    I can do this

    This is easy

    I choose what I do

    Bullies can’t tell me what to do

    I choose who I want to play with

    Its up to me what I do

    Nobody can make me do anything I don’t want to do

    Everyone likes me