Help your child come to terms with the loss of a much loved relative, friend or even a pet with this comforting story about the tadpoles in the pond in Wobblybottom Wood. Educational and reassuring, non-religious.


  • Nature decides when it’s time

    It’s not my fault

    This is meant to be

    I have lots of happy memories

    I am loved

    A wonderful happy place

    I love my life

    I have a long happy life ahead

    This feeling will pass

    It’s OK to feel sad

    It’s OK to be happy

    It’s OK to cry, it can make me feel better

    I feel better and better every day

    It’s nobody’s fault

    Love lasts forever

    I will always have happy memories

    It’s OK to have fun

    I have let go of sadness

    I am OK

    It is time to move on

    I am safe