Is your child afraid of the dark? Banish their fears with this comforting story that will sooth and relax them and make them feel safe.  Help them realise that the dark helps them to sleep well and there's always someone who loves them nearby.

Brave In The Dark

  • I feel safe in the dark 

    I am happy and relaxed 

    It is peaceful at night time 

    I am so safe, so secure 

    I sleep really well in the dark 

    My eyes can rest when it’s dark 

    I feel so safe, so relaxed and very calm 

    There’s always someone near me 

    I am very safe and secure 

    I rest so well when it’s dark 

    I love my own company 

    I am loved 

    So quiet, so peaceful 

    Peaceful, tranquil, calm and serene 

    I think about lovely things 

    I am brave and strong 

    It’s dark so I can rest easily 

    Calm, confident, relaxed 

    The dark surrounds me like a lovely blanket 

    Shadows can be anything lovely I want them to be 

    The dark is there so everyone can SLEEP WELL