Packed full of hypnotic suggestions and subliminal messages to re-programme your subconscious mind. Enables you to change your way of eating easily, keeping you healthy and slim for good. You won't want to eat unhealthy foods anymore, you'll be craving fresh fruit and veg, lots of refreshing water and lean sources of protein.

How to Lose Weight

  • This is easy, I can do this 

    Calm Confident Relaxed 

    Waste belongs in the waste bin not on my waist

    Listening to this soothes my mind and nerves 

    I go deeper into hypnosis every time I listen to this 

    I am in control of food 

    I eat a healthy diet and feel proud of myself 

    I take good care of my body and it takes good care of me 

    I feel sick if I eat unhealthy food it reminds me of that disgusting table. 

    I love my new lighter body 

    I remain at my ideal weight easily 

    I choose the long slimmer healthy road 

    I chew my food really well and appreciate the taste 

    I listen to my body and stop eating when I am physically satisfied 

    I always leave some food on my plate 

    I choose healthy refreshing food & say no to hidden sugars 

    I only eat when I am in physical need of food 

    I eat a good healthy breakfast because it keeps me going till lunchtime 

    Breakfast is the most important meal of my day it stops me snacking 

    My body is my vehicle and I would never put fat or sugar in a car 

    I often eat porridge or bananas for breakfast if it is safe for me to do so. 

    I drink lots of cool, refreshing water and feel hydrated 

    I find enjoyable ways to burn excess calories 

    I am Adult now and don’t listen to childhood conditioning 

    I am attractive and feel so good, I deserve the best 

    Self-control gives me self-confidence, self-confidence gives me self-control 

    I love and accept myself. 

    Treats are not forbidden but I am satisfied with a small amount of my choice. 

    I do not associate eating with drinking or socialising only when I am physically hungry 

    Putting fattening food past my lips, means months on my hips 

    I read the labels on food and reject hidden sugar and fat 

    Fizzy sweet drinks repulse me. 

    An occasional tiny treat is fine 

    Loosing excess weight is kind to my body