Encourage your child to let go of their dummy for good, so that they can speak easily and often and smile at people.  Prevent damage to their teeth and reduce risk of picking up illness causing bacteria.  Help them to feel happy and secure without it and find comfort in healthier ways. 


Done With Dummies

  • I don’t need a dummy anymore 

    Babies have dummies, I am not a baby 

    I am safe 

    I am happy 

    I am calm confident and relaxed 

    I don’t like the feel of a dummy in my mouth 

    I want to have really nice teeth 

    Dummies can do harm to teeth 

    I cannot speak when I have a dummy in my mouth 

    It’s important that I can speak to others 

    I am important 

    I don’t want to be made fun of because I have a dummy 

    My dummy used to be important to me but I don’t need it anymore 

    I love being able to speak clearly and often 

    I look after my teeth 

    I like smiling 

    When I smile other people smile back 

    I want to look happy and be happy 

    I am calm without a dummy 

    Time to throw my dummy away 

    This is easy 

    I like myself 

    I am proud of myself because I don’t have a dummy anymore 

    Time to let it go 

    I fall easily to sleep every night 

    I Sleep happily all night long