Is your child unhappy at school? Help them look forward to playing with friends and learning new things. Make them feel important and proud of their work. Encourage them to ask questions and enjoy joining in. Reassure them that they're well liked and that their teachers are there to help them. 

Enjoy School

  • I am safe 

    I do my best 

    I look forwards to going to school 

    School is fun 

    I am calm confident and relaxed 

    I sleep really well 

    My teachers like me 

    I like my teachers 

    I love being with my friends 

    I like myself 

    Others like me 

    I am polite and well mannered 

    I love learning new things 

    This is easy 

    I say good bye happily in the mornings 

    Time passes really quickly at school 

    I am so happy 

    I like my life 

    I am proud of my school work 

    School is very important to me 

    I do homework happily when asked 

    I am as important as everyone else 

    I am happy to ask questions 

    If I am not sure about anything I tell my teacher 

    I work hard and I play hard