Do you dread school mornings? Turn the nightmare into a dream with this fun story that encourages your child to create good habits like being organised, getting ready sensibly, quickly and calmly. Helps them remember to do everything, and take all the things they need for their day. 

Get Up & Ready For School

  • I eat my breakfast sensibly and as quickly as possible without playing around 

    I have fun organising my things for school 

    I love being on time for school 

    I find it easy to be kind, patient, and helpful 

    School is fun 

    I always go to the toilet in good time before leaving home 

    The more I help, the calmer I feel, the calmer I feel, the more I help 

    All is well in my world 

    I put things neatly away where they can be found easily 

    I love going to school to see my friends 

    I am polite 

    I listen so well to instructions 

    Getting ready for school is easy, so easy 

    Every morning I am calm 

    My tummy is calm