If your child is feeling a bit poorly, this story will help to sooth and distract them. It teaches them not to be afraid, lets them know they are safe and that this feeling will pass.  Help them (and you) to have a calm, peaceful nights sleep.  Always consult your doctor if your child is unwell.

Get Well Soon

  • I am comfortable 

    My deeper mind is keeping me company keeping me safe 

    I am safe 

    I am healing right now 

    My body is making me better 

    Everything is OK 

    Calm comfortable relaxed 

    I am brave 

    My tummy is calm 

    I think happy thoughts 

    If I am sick I go back to sleep as soon as it is safe for me to do so 

    I am relaxed 

    I enjoy being looked after because I feel safe 

    This too will pass 

    My deeper mind is magical it knows exactly how to make me better 

    I don’t have to think how to get better I simply do 

    Every second I am getting better and better 

    I am happy I love being in my comfy bed 

    My bed loves me my bed hugs me I love my bed 

    If I need to swallow a tablet or medicine I do so easily and calmly 

    I forget all about discomfort and think about lovely things instead 

    If I am sick it’s just my deeper mind helping me get better 

    Help is always near I always have company my deeper mind is always there for me 

    If I need to be sick I wake up straight away 

    I think about good things that happen because I am being looked after