Does your marriage need a little help? Are you feeling bored, neglected or just arguing with each other a lot? Learn how to overcome challenges in your marriage,  heal past hurts, empathise with each other, communicate, forgive, build trust, respect yourself and your spouse and gain understanding. Find the love that brought you together in the beginning.

How To Have A Happy Marriage

  • This is easy 

    The sound of the sea relaxes me 

    Birds singing make me feel so much better 

    This is easy, I can do this 

    I am not giving in I am doing this for me 

    I choose to have a happy marriage 

    Its ok to work at marriage it is worth the effort 

    I choose the road to a happy marriage 

    I cannot change other people but I can change my own behaviour for the better 

    If I have lemons then I choose to make lemonade 

    It is up to me to be happy, that responsibility is mine and mine alone 

    If I’m happier my spouse will be happier 

    If my spouse is happier I am happier 

    I really enjoy listening to this it gives me confidence and I relax easily 

    I love and accept myself so others can love and accept me too. 

    I treat others as I would like to be treated 

    It’s ok to give in, I give in for my benefit and therefore my spouses too. 

    If one person decides to make a marriage work it is enough 

    Loving words and actions cost nothing but are worth a fortune. 

    It is not my spouse’s responsibility to make me happy that is mine. 

    When I look at my spouse I see the person I first fell in love with, they are still there. 

    It helps me to see the inner child in them and empathise and love that little child. 

    I overcome obstacles in my marriage easily and with love. 

    We both deserve to be happy and content 

    I always have choices and make good ones. 

    No one is perfect that is what makes us human 

    I throw negative feelings and words onto that fire and only keep positive loving ones. 

    I am ok. You are ok 

    I laugh and love life 

    My life is good 

    After listening to this if it is time for me to sleep then I fall into a really healthy refreshing sleep. 

    I make time for myself and I make time for others especially my spouse. 

    The more I listen to this the more effective it becomes 

    I look forward to settling down, relaxing and letting all these positive suggestions settle into my subconscious mind 

    I am safe and secure, all is well in my world. 

    I imagine a protective shield all around my body and only positive things can penetrate that shield anything negative or hurtful just bounces off and away from me. 

    Whenever I need to feel calm and relaxed all I have to do is squeeze my thumb and finger together and say calm and relaxed and calmness and relaxation comes back to me immediately. 

    Patricia’s voice soothes my mind and nerves.