Is your child toilet trained but having accidents at night?  This story communicates with the subconscious mind to control bodily functions and wake when needed to visit the loo and fall back to sleep again easily. Please consult your doctor if there's a medical issue.

Keep The Bed Dry

  • Comfy Happy

    Snuggly Listen


    Everything’s ok

    This is easy

    Calm   relaxed   

    I keep my bed dry

    I sleep well at night

    Dry Bed

    Keep the wee in when sleep in

    I can do this

    I have control over my wee

    Dry bed and clothes at night

    Squeeze balloon tight in bed at night

    Dry and comfy



    Tight at night

    I listen to my bladder

    If my bladder is full I wake up and walk to the toilet

    I love my dry bed