A fantastic, feel good, boost for your child.  This story will remind them that they are important, strong safe and loved very much. Increases confidence and positivity, helping them to love themselves and feel popular, secure, confident and happy.

Safe & Secure

  • I am important 

    I am safe 

    I am happy 

    Everything’s OK 

    Warm & Cosy 

    Really Comfy 

    I’m OK 

    Everyone likes me 

    I am loved 

    I am smiling 


    I am good 

    I love being me 

    I love my life 

    My life is very happy 

    I like this 

    Change is good 

    I look forward to tomorrow 

    I have happy dreams 

    I am confident and secure 

    I am sleepy now 

    Calm, confident, relaxed 

    I am strong, healthy 

    I like myself