Help your child to build their self esteem and their self confidence. This story contains hypnotic suggestions and subliminal messages to help them to believe in themselves and to have the courage to try new things and enjoy making new friends easily.

Self Confidence

  • I am special 

    Everybody likes me 

    I enjoy listening to other people 

    I am clever 

    I am good at everything I do 

    I am safe 

    I can do this 

    Everything’s ok 

    I can do anything 

    Calm confident relaxed 

    I am very happy 

    I love doing everything really well 

    I enjoy talking to people 

    I feel good about myself 

    I am important 

    I am here for a good reason 

    I am strong 

    I like helping friends 

    I have good manners 

    I am brave 

    This is easy 

    I feel so much better now

    I look great