This story will help your child to understand that it's not their fault if their parents split up, and that sometimes its better for everyone in the long term, if parents live separately.   It reassures them that they are loved very much , comforts, and encourages communication about feelings and emotions.


Separate Parents

  • It’s not my fault 

    My Mummy loves me very much 

    My Daddy loves me very much 

    Everything is OK 

    I am safe and secure 

    This is for the best 

    I feel much better about things 

    It will be much easier at home now 

    I have a calm and happy home 

    I am OK 

    Mummy is OK 

    Daddy is OK 

    Everyone will be happier now 

    It’s OK to cry 

    It’s OK to ask questions 

    It’s OK to talk about feelings 

    I am happy, calm, confident, relaxed 

    I’m just like lots of other children 

    Everything is OK