Does your child get stressed, anxious and upset when you leave them at pre-school, school, nursery or with someone who cares for them? This story about Suzy Spaniel will reassure them that they are safe, they are going to have lots of fun and that they will be reunited with you very soon.

Separation Anxiety

  • I have a really good day today

    I love being with my friends

    Everything’s    OK

    Mummy or Daddy always collects me when it’s time to go home

    I am going home later

    I am ok without Mummy or Daddy because I am safe here

    I’m going to have lots of fun today

    I am happy to say bye bye to Mummy or Daddy I know I’ll see them later

    The grown ups I’m with look after me really well

    I am happy

    I am safe

    I’m going to make something really good to take home with me

    I am calm confident and relaxed

    Mummy or Daddy made sure this is a safe place for me and I’ll be looked after really well

    When I hear other children crying I’m OK I’m still happy

    I’m looking forwards to telling everyone at home about my day

    I’ve always got someone with me who cares about me