A fantastic story to help whilst toilet training.  Explaining why we need to go to the toilet, and making children look forward to the benefits of staying dry. The story helps them to pay attention to the urge to pee and react quickly, making them feel in control. Encourages good hygiene & hand washing.

Stay Dry All Day


    I love being dry and comfortable

    I visit the toilet as soon as I feel the urge

    I keep my clothes dry

    I am nice to be near

    I am not a baby any more

    Only babies wet themselves

    I keep the wee in when sleep in

    I am proud to be dry

    I make sure my underclothes are always clean and dry

    I am so grown up

    I think how good it feels to wee in the toilet

    I hold the wee in until I visit the toilet

    I can do this, this is easy

    I pay attention when my bladder needs emptying and visit the nearest toilet

    I allow plenty of time to visit the toilet

    I never leave it to the last minute

    I tell the person looking after me in good time when I need to visit the toilet

    I am dry and clean and smell good

    If I need to wee during the night I visit the toilet

    I always wash my hands properly after using the toilet

    I am in control of my wee

    I use my five senses to remind me to check if I need to visit the toilet