Essential safety advice about body privacy, saying no, road safety, strangers, wearing a seatbelt, fire safety, getting lost, water safety, sharp objects, not keeping bad secrets, learning  talking to a trusted adult, all in a reassuring story that makes your child feel brave and strong.

Stay Safe

  • My body belongs to me 

    Speak out stay safe 

    My private parts are private 

    Its ok to say no if I feel uncomfortable 

    I’ll never do something wrong just because someone else tells me 

    I take great care before and during the time I cross the road, I look and listen carefully 

    I only cross a road where it is safe to do so 

    I never ever play with matches 

    I never get too close to the edge of water 

    I always wear a seat belt 

    If I get lost in a shop I ask someone who works there for help 

    I take care when using a knife or scissors 

    If someone asks me to keep something secret that I know is wrong I won’t 

    It’s ok to say no 

    I am brave 

    I am strong 

    I can do this 

    This is easy 

    If I feel nervous I tell myself I not nervous I am excited 

    It’s a good idea to agree on a meeting point in case I get separated from the people I am with 

    I memorise and know telephone numbers of people I love who look after me