Subliminal Messages Within Eat Healthily

I look after my teeth and body by choosing healthy food 

Sugary drinks and sweets are really bad for me 

I love the taste of vegetables and fruit 

I eat sensibly and really think about the taste of my healthy diet 

I have a good balanced diet and love to drink water 

I take care of how I look and in my choice of food 

It’s ok to have chocolate but in small amounts 

My body is important and food is like fuel in a car, it has to be the correct food. 

I love having fresh breath and healthy teeth 

Sugary food is bad for me 

I always choose the healthiest food to eat that I can 

I only eat when I am hungry 

I stop eating when I get the feeling that tells me I’ve had enough. 

I can do this, this is easy 

I like myself and look after myself by eating a good well balanced diet. 

I chew my food really well and do not gulp it down too quickly 

Healthy food is bursting with goodness 

I have lots of energy because I eat good quality food 

I choose still water instead of fizzy drinks 

I choose a healthy snack