The subliminal messages within Calm At The Dentist are:

When I am in the dentist chair every minute seems like a second time passes so quickly 

I breathe easily and relax 

I feel special with all the attention I receive 

The louder the sound of the drill the more relaxed I feel 

I can day dream and think about lovely things when I am having my teeth seen to 

I keep still and imagine I am sinking down so comfortable in the dentist’s chair 

I open my mouth wide with ease 

Every muscle in my body relaxes when I sit in the dental chair 

The dental nurse and the dentist are putting all their attention on me and that makes me good 

I am in control I can put my hand up whenever I want to. 

I swallow easily whenever I need to 

When I squeeze my thumb and finger together I feel calm confident and very relaxed 

Every noise I hear when sitting in the dentist chair r e l a x e s me 

The closeness of the dentist’s body next to my head makes me feel very safe 

There is plenty of room in my mouth for everything, my mouth is like a huge comfy cave