The Subliminal Messages Within Done With Dummies Are:

I don’t need a dummy anymore 

Babies have dummies, I am not a baby 

I am safe 

I am happy 

I am calm confident and relaxed 

I don’t like the feel of a dummy in my mouth 

I want to have really nice teeth 

Dummies can do harm to teeth 

I cannot speak when I have a dummy in my mouth 

It’s important that I can speak to others 

I am important 

I don’t want to be made fun of because I have a dummy 

My dummy used to be important to me but I don’t need it anymore 

I love being able to speak clearly and often 

I look after my teeth 

I like smiling 

When I smile other people smile back 

I want to look happy and be happy 

I am calm without a dummy 

Time to throw my dummy away 

This is easy 

I like myself 

I am proud of myself because I don’t have a dummy anymore 

Time to let it go 

I fall easily to sleep every night 

I Sleep happily all night long