Subliminal Messages Within Good Manners

I enjoy saying please and thank you 

I am polite 

I have very good manners 

I am happy to help people 

I enjoy taking turns 

I am important 

I am equal to every other child I meet 

I am as important as every adult 

Being kind makes me feel good 

I listen carefully 

I say sorry if I need to 

I am happy 

I am very well behaved 

I am kind to myself 

I eat with my mouth closed 

I use my knife and fork at mealtimes 

I say hello to people I know 

I say goodbye to people I know 

It’s OK to say no if I feel uncomfortable about anything 

I wait until others have finished talking before I speak 

I am quiet if someone is speaking on the phone 

When I see www. I am reminded of these good suggestions 

I am equal to every other child I meet 

Email reminds me of b-mail 

If I burp or make any other rude noises, I say pardon 

When my nose itches, runs or is blocked, I use a tissue