The Subliminal Messages Within How To Stop Smoking Are:

I love having so much more money because I do not smoke 

I am a non smoker 

This is easy 

I am free from smoking at last 

I am so excited 

I feel better each and every day 

It’s as though I never smoked 

I smile and say "no thank you, I do not smoke," if offered a cigarette 

Cigarette smoke does not bother me at all other than to make me happy I am a non smoker 

I am so so proud of myself 

No need, no desire to smoke 

Non smokers are happy 

Non smokers are confident 

I am calm confident relaxed 

I am optimistic 

Non smokers are secure 

I love my life 

I feel fresh and clean 

I am nice to be near 

I smile a lot because my teeth are clean 

I have so much more energy now 

My body feels good 

No need no desire to smoke 

I am a good example to everyone around me 

My skin, hair, teeth, breath, fingers are clean and healthy 

I love walking in the fresh air 

My life is getting better and better 

Thank goodness I have stopped smoking 

When I see smokers I think you are simply killing yourself and emptying your pocket