Subliminal Messages Within Get Up & Ready For School

I brush my teeth every morning without being told 

I get ready for school easily and calmly 

I check to see I have everything I need before going out of the door 

I get washed and dressed in good time 

I like going to school 

I eat my breakfast sensibly and as quickly as possible without playing around 

I have fun organising my things for school 

I love being on time for school 

I find it easy to be kind, patient, and helpful 

School is fun 

I always go to the toilet in good time before leaving home 

The more I help, the calmer I feel, the calmer I feel, the more I help 

All is well in my world 

I put things neatly away where they can be found easily 

I love going to school to see my friends 

I am polite 

I listen so well to instructions 

Getting ready for school is easy, so easy 

Every morning I am calm 

My tummy is calm