Subliminal Messages Within Stay Dry All Day

I love being dry and comfortable

I visit the toilet as soon as I feel the urge

I keep my clothes dry

I am nice to be near

I am not a baby any more

Only babies wet themselves

I keep the wee in when sleep in

I am proud to be dry

I make sure my underclothes are always clean and dry

I am so grown up

I think how good it feels to wee in the toilet

I hold the wee in until I visit the toilet

I can do this, this is easy

I pay attention when my bladder needs emptying and visit the nearest toilet

I allow plenty of time to visit the toilet

I never leave it to the last minute

I tell the person looking after me in good time when I need to visit the toilet

I am dry and clean and smell good

If I need to wee during the night I visit the toilet

I always wash my hands properly after using the toilet

I am in control of my wee

I use my five senses to remind me to check if I need to visit the toilet

We need to say that this is helpful but cannot override any medical issues.

It’s also important to wait until your child is old enough/ready enough. Please speak to your child's doctor if you have any concerns.